Queen’s Annual Observance of World AIDS Day Through the Arts. CALL FOR ARTISTS

CALL FOR ARTISTSQueen’s Annual Observance of World AIDS Day Through the Arts invites all visual artists in the NYC area to submit works (painting, photography, video, installation, sound, drawings) for consideration in upcoming annual exhibition to be held from November 30 – December 21, 2008 at the Queens Museum of Art.
Humor and laughter are essential for life…

Foto  por Javier Soriano

Foto por Javier Soriano


Deadline: October 31, 2008 (Postmark or Online)


We exhort artists to propose their visions, perspectives, and voices on the subject of happiness and how individuals experience it when confronted with an irreversible condition. Awareness and joy could serve to fight HIV/AIDS because knowledge safeguards and happiness prevails over any ailment by strengthening people’s minds and spirits. This year’s exhibition focuses on presenting merriment as a unique experience, and asks artists to reflect on it and on the experiences that make them feel elated. Applicants should present artwork in relation to this subject, and in connection to important aspects of one’s life that can be affected by HIV/AIDS, but overcome by happiness or contentment.

As part of World AIDS Awareness, QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, has produced FRAMING AIDS since 2005.  The program is intended to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS affecting the communities of Queens, and NYC at large.

SUBMISSIONS: You can submit by regular mail or online.

By Mail (Printed images or Digitally on a CD/DVD):

–    You can submit more than one piece.
–    You can submit up to 4 images per work (no larger than 1MB each).
–    Label the images with your first initial followed by your last name and the number (ie: jdoe_01).
–    For each work submitted include: Title, Medium, Year, and Dimensions.
–    Include your short artistic bio and contact information: Full name, email, Affiliation (if any), Address, and Phone.

Mail submission(s) to:

Para mas info oprime aqui: http://www.mexicanosunidos.org/arte.html


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